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EXO-M: Tao


Hey guys! I just want to use this post as one way of being able to communicate with you all. I can't reply to all your comments on my fic. Sorry about that. :/ But, here, in this post, we can like, chat or something! That is if you're willing to do so. xD Comment here if you have or you'd like to say something and I'll surely reply. ;)


It's so great to see you posting something!
But how come you rarely update with a Yoosu fic? :(
Oh, well. I can't wait for you to update The Promise!

Edited at 2012-04-12 03:50 am (UTC)

Unnie! :D

Hi, unnie! I'm so sorry for the lack of Yoosu update :/ About my fic The Promise, I'm still trying to find my missing files. My laptop's been replaced with a new one but I'm sure that I have copies of my drafts in my external hard drive. Still having a hard time finding them though because my files and documents are such a mess and aren't named properly D: And I'm still kinda considering the fact that Yoochun lost his father recently. I felt chills when I heard the news since in my fic his father was like, also dying there. T.T I actually cried when I thought about it. I can't promise an update soon but I'll try my best. I do remember that I was halfway writing the next chapter, I just need to find it first, write more and post it. :)

Re: Unnie! :D

Oh, yeah...Yoochun's dad. I understand. Best of luck finding your files. I'll still be here waiting. :)

Re: Unnie! :D

Thank you unnie for being so understanding~ *huuggss*